Every family has :

- One member who tolerates everyone

- One member who is tolerated by everyone

- One member who is always angry at everyone

- One member with whom everyone is always angry

- One member who is pampered by everyone

- One member who pampers everyone

- One member who is fully dependable

- One member who is fully irresponsible

- One member who plans and executes

- One member who spoils the plans

- One member who is miser

- One member who is prodigal

- One member who has all the above attributes, but lets them come out based on time and circumstances


I think I have started missing me,

The unwashed clothes and the frequent tea; 

'Alone' is not just a word anymore,

It's a feeling of every moment that has turned out to be a chore; 

Being a numb, can not even feel the happiness and sadness, 

I have already stopped finding a person without falseness;

I am a victim of depression, frustration, saturation and humiliation,

I am not anymore a person with hope and expectation;

My pills are tough ones to be swallowed, 

My intellect due to their effects is getting narrowed;

It all started on my twenty first birthday, 

And here I am in the darkest shade of grey today;

I think I have started missing me,

The unwashed clothes and the frequent tea.


"I left me" :

I woke up and found everything flowing and glowing, 

Doesn't matter how but I enjoyed the floor rolling;

I used to think I had started missing me, 

I was right as I had left me to the deep mind sea; 

I was wandering everywhere like a broken ship for the dock, 

But now I am truth, I am machine and yeah! I am smoke;

Rejuvenation, Realization, Introspection to salvation, 

All are enlightened with the tool of perfection;

I didn't care about the fruit of my life being a machinist, 

Didn't know I would get it even though I am an atheist;

Oh! Now comes the purpose of life to give away the fruit, 

So I tell you that it is served by utilizing that me as root;

I am opening to all by now with my 'me' synchronization, 

I have become the Theorem In Neurobotic Utilization !


Love does not lie only in heart, 

it lies in body's every part,

So what is the big deal that you did not get love, 

keep expressing love with any art,

Who knows someone's senses catch your art,

And you start getting love from that someone's heart,

That someone can be anyone of any age, gender or species,

You will live those moments with that someone by forgetting dark phases,

It may happen that these moments do not last long,

But do not worry my artistic friend, 

you again make a painting, perfume, take a picture or record a new song.


Going back to the old school days, 

when we used to play with the dreamful rays,

Didn't know we would be going so far my dear, 

That we would have to avoid keeping each other near,

People still can't differentiate between innocent friendship and affair, 

and that is the core that has put our lives in despair,

The truth is that we all need different kinds of relationships at different times, 

but the pain is that society accepts every kind of them except innocent friendships.


Why is everything suddenly stilling?, Is it just my another delusion or do all of you have the same feeling?, It seems the friction is reaching infinity, it may lead to an end or towards eternity, Nature always heals that is for sure, but no one is taking an initiative when it itself needs cure, Oh! I am now observing real and there is no more delusion, but the observation still has the same conclusion, Are we humans anymore or just downgrading our version by loosing senses one by one?, Am observing that everyone of us isn't helping anyone?, It's obvious for everyone to help anyone whom we know personally, but think about someone facing a serious problem that is not yet solved by his family, So he is doing nothing now and working on some late night write ups, Sharing with a hope that someone at some corner of the world reads and connects based on relevance to his healed hiccups, Both of these two are having a bond now, the former has a problem and the latter has a solution now, Now comes the summary of this random write up, you should avoid to read this kind of irrational stuff and focus on your own problem follow up.



I want to be remembered as a sarcastically funny guy who made his entire life a joke. 


I keep walking on untravelled paths, so I shall at least be a good walker due to absence of distractions. Either I shall reach nowhere or I shall be a wise and guiding walker. In any case, I shall never be lost as I do not have any destination. 


The person who said 'Nothing is impossible.' might not know that there are so many 'nothing's in this world. Life becomes beautiful when we learn to give up on those 'nothing's. Yes, 'Giving up' also heals at times. 


I think I am giving up hope, but at the same time, I know that everything that I think is not supposed to be true. 


Walk the talk during the journey and talk the walk after reaching the destination. 


Channelize your anger somewhere else without keeping any prejudice towards the cause of the anger. It always heals and gives you the better version of you. 


My strength is I have transperancy in my nature and my weakness is I expect transperancy from others. 


Goodwill and gratitude are the keys to the frequency of happiness. 


There is a big difference between "staying at a place" and "living at a place". 


Everyone carries one unique attribute that - was/is/will be - not carried by anyone else. Persistent Self Introspection is the fundamental key to unlock this attribute. 


There is nothing like justice or injustice. There is always a wait for the light that either comes or never comes. 


Do not expect people to do what they can do, expect them to do what they want to do. 


Human nature has salvation in itself, no matter whether the human is physically alive or not. 


I am going nowhere and the beauty of it is that I am enjoying it.


Philomathy always pays. 


I think in present world, Real Consciousness (RC)/Human Understanding (HU)/ Empathetic Learning(EL) must be given far higher priority than Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Machine Learning (ML)/Deep Learning (DL) respectively. RC, HU and EL are the subjects that the humans needed to work upon since they were formed, but they have distracted themselves in creating another species in so depth that they have started loosing the five senses one by one. Anyways, it's just a thought as of now. Way to go! 


Be Your Own Witness. 


Persistence of patience with passion does not guarantee ration, but it accelerates the momentum of innovation which is the key to unlock self satisfaction. 


My experience of life so far has taught me that no matter how much pain we get from the society/system/nature, we should always respond with goodwill and gratitude. Someone somewhere is watching everyone including us and he gives us what we deserve sooner or later. 


There are always fun and sense of fulfillment in solving the critical problems the statements of which others can not even define. 


A very dear friend of mine once said: "There are two types of people in the world ~ (1) People who want to learn/work less and earn more (2) People who want to learn/work more and earn less." 


I have been studying different courses of study through all these years, I could master none of them. But during this quest for knowledge, I have finally come across a shore where I have felt that I myself am a course of study. 


Some real and awakened philomaths, during their pursuit of the truth, become the truth. 


tinu is created to connect Science and Spirituality. It is purposed to be felt, not to be proven. 


When there was nothing anywhere, he was there. He is there right now and he will be there forever. That 'there' is everywhere. 


Sometimes I feel like I am mad, then I come to know that I am actually mad, then I come to know that madness is a virtue, then I come to know that it's the madness only that has been giving me happiness all the time, then I decide I will remain mad forever. 


An artist is always in search of inspiration. A scientist is always in search of problems. Most of the people are in search of wealth. And then come the rarest people who are in search of air so that they can breathe at least. The world would have been far better if the wealthy people got inspired by the proposed solutions of problems given by the scientists and funded them so that the rarest people who just wanted to breathe, could live longer and gave us far more better art work than it is now. 


Everyone has a philosophy of weaved unique quotes defining his/her individuality. All he/she has to do is to find/make this nest and live it. 


Sometimes, you should give time to the time itself to fight your bad time. 


My bad time started when I started enjoying my education. 


Days are not far when we would need to have conversations with chatbots instead of humans for emotional support. 


If patience could be encashed, I would have been the richest person on Earth by now.


"Adequate damping in a Control System is the key to achieve stability within desired settling time."

I thought about considering life analogous to the Control System and wrote this subconsciously during one of the toughest phases of my life. Later I realised its meaningful implementation. Control Systems have overdamping and underdamping. Considering their analogy to life, life has external damping and internal damping. We have to make sure that we embrace them positively though many times they seem to be giving discomfort and pain. External damping consists of all the distractions, failures and rejections that we face and they are caused by the people/system who want to break us either consciously or subconsciously. Internal damping consists of the delay of gratification, persistence and the flame of passion that we can work on and integrate. We cannot change the values of the components of external damping, but we can always vary the values of the components of internal damping. If we get truly awakened, we can perceive the external damping components as effective parts of our life, keep on adjusting the values of our internal damping components in order to reach stability. And the settling time for the Control System of life is the entire lifetime. We need to make sure we always meet the stability which tends to the set stability criteria, the way the limit concept exists in Mathematics.

"Philomathy awakens."